GARES is a software application by ECKON Solutions that manages all operations in a Garage. With the click of a button, one can see; all vehicles booked by date, total cost incurred when repairing the vehicles, customers and the vehicle(s) they own, payments made by insurance companies, vehicles whose payment from insurance companies is pending, vehicles whose payment from insurance companies is has been cleared.

The user can also be able to generate repair sheets for the vehicles booked. This shows a breakdown of all costs incurred when repairing the vehicle in comparison with the estimates given by the insurance company. This way, the user can be able to determine if he/she is making a profit/loss.

Modules in GARES

● Vehicles Info Management
● Vehicle Repairs Management
● Mechanics Management
● Insurance Company Estimates Analysis
● Vehicle Repair Cost Analysis
● Spare Parts Purchases Management
● Spare Parts Stock Management
● Suppliers Management
● Insurance Companies Payments Tracking
● Invoice & Receipt generation
● Profit / Loss Analysis