MICROFES Web is a Cloud Based Web App by ECKON Solutions that enables companies providing financial services e.g. Microfinance Companies run their operations efficiently by managing Clients Info, Clients Credit Limit, Loans Info Management etc. Because it is web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, from any device hence very convenient.

Modules in MICROFES Web

● Clients Info Management
● Cashbox (In-flow & Out-flow of Cash) Management
● Client Fees Management
● Loans Disbursement Management
● Loan Fees Management
● Penalties Tracking
● Defaulters Tracking
● Payments Due Tracking
● Debt Collection
● Cash Flow Statement Generation
● Bank Transactions Management
● Expenses Management
● All Payments Tracking
● Group Contributions Tracking
● Balance Sheet Generation
● Income Statement Generation
● Integrated with MPESA and SMS